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Die, d0rf, die

We had an rp/w-PvP event tonight on Defias Brotherhood (EU).  The battle was held in Hillsbrad and the only rule was that once killed, you stayed dead until one side had won.  Well the Horde ‘won’ overall but in all honesty, we were pwnd by the Alliance (damned paladins).  This is the screenshot of the ‘winning’ side at the end (who is that handsome belf?!) and we will have another battle there soon I think. The forsaken dropped ‘mild plague’ at the end (yes, the green flares) which scared the Alliance into running away.  In reality, I think we lost more rounds than they did, so well played blue team.

And on the subject of Paladins….a tauren walks into a bar in Orgrimmar and orders a jug of beer.

“Paladins are fecking morons!” he yells as he takes a long swig

“Oi! That offends me!” comes a voice from the back of the bar as a large tauren stands up.

“What, you a paladin?” asks the first tauren.

“No, I’m a moron” comes the reply.

So here we are….

I’m Arli and I’ve been playing a rogue in World of Warcraft for almost four years now.  I wanted to try a PvP server, despite never having done any PvP on my Paladin, and heard that rogues were the PvP class – thus my logic dictated that meant they were easy to play – so I rolled Arli on The Venture Co and off I went.

I soon found they were not the easy class but I got lucky and met some real nice roleplayers and ended up in an rp/pvp guild.  So there I was, never done rp, never done PvP but I’ve never looked back. I joined an all-rogue rp/pvp guild called “Vile Thorn”within a month or so on the server and feel honoured that Anethrax (the long time guild leader) handed the guild to me to run while he takes a break.  Roleplay and PvP add a dimension to Warcraft that keeps me hooked on it.

Despite the incoming invasion of Panda’s.

Vile Thorn moved to Defias Brotherhood at the start of the year and things were going well, but of late it’s got quieter as pre-expansion blues hit the game in general.

I’m the first to admit that I’m no pro at PvP and don’t even ask me along to a heroic unless you can tolerate a rogue in PvP gear and have a resser handy.  But I love, no adore, the class and no other gives me the laughs and excitement I get from playing a steathed pain in the ass.

And, this is us : Vile Thorn on WoW Insider